Latitude 64 ProBasket Elite Portable Base Stand With Wheel


Model: Portable Base Stand with Wheel
Sale price$99.99


This item is only the base stand attachment making the basket portable.

The new and updated edition of the ProBasket has arrived. We call it the ProBasket Elite. The double chain set consists of 14 inner and 14 outer chains which gives it a “softer edge”, and increases the chance for discs to “stick” to the chains. An upgrade from the last edition which only had 13 inner and 13 outer chains. This also ensures that putts don’t slip through the chains, and likewise hitting the pole causing frustrating ”spit outs”. The yellow 4” tall deflector band on the top rim improves visibility in all conditions, and the chain sliders on the inside steers the chains in a zig zag pattern which also makes the basket even less sensitive to ”spit outs”. Tension screws are included for increased stability and the splittable pole and welded nuts makes for easier assembly.

The ProBasket Elite is made of high quality materials with the goal of making it both functional, long lasting and beautiful. The pole and chains are galvanized, and the top and basket are given a E-Zink foundation to reduce the risk of corrosion. After E-Zink treatment a powder coat finish is applied to get optimal protection and to make it what is arguably the best looking Disc Golf target out there.


*This is a permanent basket. For a portable basket, purchase the optional portable base as well.



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