Doomsday Discs Prepper Set


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Our discs are designed to give you optimal satisfaction playing disc golf, both before and after the inevitable doomsday. Our Prepper Line features discs that are professionally designed, easy to throw, and made of quality polymers that will likely last longer than your food supply. Watch for these disc releases in 2022 and prepare to stockpile as many as you can.

  • Includes these Discs: Cataclysm, Dystopia, Despair, and Bleak
  • Three discs in premium, long-lasting "Survival" plastic and one putter in softer "Ration" plastic.
  • Includes a Doomsday Discs logo mini to mark your lie.
  • Affordable price for one of the best starter sets on the market.
  • A variety of discs provide a variety of shots to help shape your game.
  • Even experienced players will find this set to be an excellent addition to their bags.

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