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Final Nine is a compact and competitive card game based on the rules, equipment, features, design, fun, and quirks of Disc Golf. It’s a game about making decisions, picking the best DISC, applying SKILL, avoiding TROUBLE, hoping for LUCK, and making the PUTT.

Just like Disc Golf, the aim in Final Nine is to complete your chosen set of HOLES in the lowest number of THROWS possible. It's for 1-4 players, ages 10+, has 108 cards, and takes 30+ minutes to play (full 18). It comes with 2 sets of rules: Standard and Battle, 3 Levels of Play: REC, AM, and PRO. You can also play an easier game using half the pack, or full which is harder. The card swapping and play system allows for a rapid turnover and randomness of cards, allowing for massive replayability.

To play, lay out the HOLE cards as a board sized grid course (9 or 18 cards), or stack the HOLES in order/shuffled. Each player receives 9 cards for their HAND, made up of DISC and ACTION cards. Swap two cards out at the beginning of a new HOLE. Play a DISC card to match the HOLE GRIDS and find a safe landing spot. Add SKILL if you, can then draw the next ACTION card to see if your THROW was a success, or you end up with a DEVIATION or CALL. If TROUBLE has effected your THROW, add LUCK to nullify it. Once you are within 2-3 GRIDS of the BASKET, use a PUTTER to complete the HOLE.

Final Nine is like a little fun Disc Golf course in your pocket. It's for those times you can't get to the course because of weather or injury, for those who already play, and those who would like to learn more about the sport. Play your game!

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