Plastic: Prehistoric Glow
Weight: 176+
Sale price$13.36


"The Croc is a stable mid-range capable of being cycled into various stages of wear.

Initial flight numbers are 4, 4, 0, 2

The mold is an old school design with a smooth dome and a small beaded wing.
Players will find solid resistance to turn when powered up & comfortable finish.

The Croc is to be molded by one of the original manufacturers of our sport... LIGHTNING DISCS!

I've been toying around with their molds recently and in true RDG fashion, we've decided to revitalize some vintage discs with a fresh infusion of #ReptileStyle

Initially we will have these discs available in Prehistoric Plastic (Lightning's Standard/Glow blends) while we raise funds to create a Fossil run." -RDG

                      PLEASE NOTE: Disc image is just an example of the mold and is not indicative of the plastic, colour or stamp being shipped.

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