True North Disc Golf - Online Soft Launch

By popular demand, it's finally here! Our first steps into the online world of disc golf!


When we first opened our doors two years ago (almost to the day), we would have never imagined the growth in this sport to be what is has been. Especially since shortly after we opened our doors, we were then required to close them due to provincial lockdown. Sheer determination and a strong belief that Disc Golf was the much needed distraction to help keep everyone out of that COVID funk, we pressed on. After all, how many sports are there that allow you to go, play with your friends and still remain socially distanced? Disc Golf was perfect for that.

Nearly two years later, we may still be dealing with this pandemic, but our belief and determination were validated by YOU, the players who agreed with our sentiment and made us who we are today. We are now proud to be a supplier of over 30,000 discs (closing in on 40,000 actually, but not there quite yet) that will be made readily available to millions of North Americans.

Now we're diligently working to get all that inventory added to our website, so check back regularly to see what's newly been added, but please all message us on our Contact Us page if you're looking for something we haven't put online yet. We're always happy to help!

We're very excited for this endeavour and look forward to presenting a multitude of disc options from both the biggest and the smallest names in disc golf.



True North Disc Golf Team

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