Prochemical and Dye - NEW Colours have arrived!

Hey Guys,

If you're new to concept of Disc Dyeing, this will be news to you. The consensus among the Disc Golf Dyeing community is that Prochemical and Dye's products are best product available. They offer the highest quality dyes specifically geared towards the plastic types used in disc golf. They offer an incredibly wide selection of colours in a product that performs. 

Now they have released 9 new colours to widen the pallet available to you Disc Artists:

Creamsicle Orange, Aqua, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Chocolate Brown, Light Gray, Evergreen, Shamrock Green, and Concord Purple

Now as a side note, if any of you ever have any questions on the Disc Dyeing process (because there are loads of different ways you can use these products to accomplish a wide array of cool artistic effects), please feel free to contact us here at the store. 

One of the techniques that Prochem products are used for, involves mixing with powder dye with acetone or denatured alcohol before application. Which leads me into introducing you all to the other major dyeing product we stock here at True North Disc Golf: which is Quick Coat Worm Dip. This product is essentially a variety of coloured dyes pre-mixed with acetone. This saves you the step of having to mix yourself, and most of the colours available also have UV reactive properties (meaning the dye glows when under a UV/Black light, or have a unique brightness in sunlight). This product, while initially designed to dye plastic fishing lures to attract fish, has amazing vibrant and instant effects in disc dyeing, and in my experience produce easier results than even Prochem mixed with acetone. 

Prochemical and Dye products are also available in cost effective beginner dyeing packs, which still provide ample quantity to do many jobs.


Jeff @ True North