New Shipment - Discraft Ledgestone

Over the last couple of years, it has been rare to see a shipment of Discraft Discs arrive here in any noteworthy quantities.  We're happy to say that today is one of those rare days.  A lineup of Ledgestone Discraft Discs are here and available both online and in store.

Here is the list of molds that just arrived:

  • DGLO Midnight Buzzz SS
  • DGLO Raptor
  • DGLO ESP Buzzz SS
  • Big Z Flx Zone
  • Big Z Zombee
  • CryZtal Flx Sparkle Banger GT
  • CryZtal Flx Zone
  • CryZtal Sparkle Raptor
  • LSWT Z Swirl Scorch
  • Pandoras Box Z Glo Smoked Buzzz
  • Z Metallic Buzzz GT
  • Z Metallic Meteor
  • Z Metallic Sol
  • Z Swirl Tour Series Crush

Come visit us in store or give us a call (877-301-0946) if you have any questions about the new shipment.




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