What's New?

What's up Disc Golfers. Whilst this blog post is a bit promotional, in my defense, the theme is born from a place of sheer excitement.
Covid had hit many businesses hard, disc golf being no exception. Our ability to stock and offer all of the greatest new products was a struggle. Well, things are trending upwards now, and we are excited to tell you about some of the awesome new stuff that we have been able to acquire and offer to you.

For starters: Discraft. We are very pleased to announce that for first time in quite a while, we are now carrying a fantastic selection of Discraft products. We currently have a significant stock of Luna, both stock Mcbeth, and Ledgestone special edition. In fact, Ledgestone has been great to us this year, and we have many amazing discs like the new Z Swirl Fierce, Crystal Sparkle FLX Zones, Midnight Crystal Buzzz, Passions and too many more to list. Our most recent batch also included some fantastic looking DGA discs in limited plastics like the Breaker and the Hurricane.

Similarly, as we like to do, we have been able to acquire more new and perhaps more obscure brands, like Lonestar discs. In our brief testing, we are finding a lot of great molds in great plastics. Their glow plastic performs very well, and I have taken a shine to the Tumbleweed and the Bull Snake.
A new company that is putting out some very unusual products that I have been having a lot of fun with is Doomsday discs. The Land Mine is so weird, and I kind of love it. It flies straight, and glides like an ultimate disc but shaped like a garbage can lid. The Meltdown plastic that they use for some of their drivers feels kinda unique, but also seems to snap out of my hand giving me some amazing throws.

We are happy to now offer Loft discs. The Bohrium is fast and stable and awesome. The unique rim seems to rip out of your hand perfectly with no chance for wobble.

Prodigy has also stepped their game up, offering drivers in a much sexier feeling version of 400 plastic, with some nice understable molds like the Shadowfax and the FX-4. They've also clearly heard the feedback and are providing their players with lighter weight options in their new Air plastic, which we are stocking as many molds in as we can. So far we have D3, F3, F7, H3V2, H4V2, and X5.

Infinite Discs has recently provided us with an incredible Halo plastic Emperor.

Trilogy has a lot of fun stuff that just arrived like the Sockibot Slammer, Ricky's favourite drivers in Orbit plastic, the Westside Ice Bear, and we've been able to restock on some favourites like premium plastic Underworld, Pure, and Compass.

And a big batch of Innova tour series discs and Halo plastic is on the way!
Last, but certainly not least, is a product we are quite proud to offer, Liquid Chalk. Tired of your chalk bag making a mess inside your bag? Ever had one explode in your car? Liquid chalk is preferred by rock climbers, and I suspect will be preferred by many of you. It goes on like hand sanitizer, dries in seconds, and provides a very nice chalky result.

It's an exciting time to have more access to all the great plastics we all yearn for.

Jeff @ True North Disc Golf

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