Lonestar Discs!

Alright People, lets talk Lonestar Discs!

Based out of Texas, making their own discs, this company has blown up fast! While other new disc companies struggle to provide a full line-up, Lonestar in a short period of time has put out one of the most diverse spread of flight numbers and plastics suited for Pro’s and Amateurs.

Alpha plastic, which could be compared to Innova star, is lovely and comes in a wide array of colours and swirls making nearly each disc unique.

Bravo plastic could be compared to Innova Gstar. It’s very soft and grippy. Often the rule in plastics, is that the softer the plastic, the more understable it is. Uniquely, this does not seem to apply to all Bravo discs. A lot of feedback from players is that often their Bravo versions of their favourite molds are the more stable!

Lima plastic is awesome! It’s lightweight versions of Bravo plastic. These discs ensure the Lonestar lineup can be enjoyed by everyone. Lonestar has many beginner friendly molds like Mockingbird, Dome, and Tumbleweed. In Lima plastic these can be sure to be some of the easiest discs to throw.

Now their putter plastics! Victor 1 and Victor 2 may be the coolest new putter plastic on the market. They take grippiness and hand feel to a whole new level. But something else I’m learning over time about these plastics is that despite their soft grippiness, they appear to be wildly durable. We allow customers to putt using 1 of every putter at our in-store putting area. Customers regularly hit metal shelves etc. with these practice putters, and many of them are quite dinged up. The Victor jackrabbit and bluebonnet we have in our practice area still look new, with no evidence of dings or dents!

I’ve already done a small blurb about Lonestar Glow plastic, but I’ll say it again: It’s sick. A unique, nice soft feel, that glows super bright and lasts long.

Because my newest shipment has only just arrived as I excitedly write this, I haven’t yet had the chance to test the new plastics, but at first take, they feel amazing. The new tour series discs are in Founders plastic, Lonestar’s first transparent plastic. It reminds me of a softer Innova Champion plastic with metal flake in it. Sort of feels like MVP proton, or the Discmania c-line that they used on the MD1. A slightly softer, grippier, clear plastic.

Go take a look at the extensive stock of Lonestar Discs we now offer! If you try their stuff, it’s likely you’ll end up bagging something!


Jeff @ True North Disc Golf