Lightweight Discs

We here at True North Disc Golf ( have always aimed to provide our customers with the widest selection of disc golf products to complete their arsenal. One of the goals we pursue aggressively is to offer a wide selection of lightweight discs, to make the game as accessible as possible. It is remarkable how much a lightweight disc can help make the disc golf experience more satisfying to a wide array of players. Whether you’re struggling throwing the disc as hard as your friends, looking for something easier to flip up, or looking to push the boundaries of your distance, lightweight discs can be a lot of fun.

So without further adieu, let me talk about some of the great lightweight stuff we have been able to acquire lately:

Innova has always been amazing at offering a massive selection of their discs in light weights in varying plastics. Their Blizzard plastic offers loads of molds in weights that drop well below 150g. It has a slightly softer champion feel, and is quite durable for a lightweight disc. Star and Gstar plastic has been offering some amazing feeling and durable lightweight stuff lately, also getting down well below 150g. Likely the most popular venture for newer players into a understable high speed driver is a lightweight Star or Gstar Mamba, but other popular molds are Roadrunner, Leopard, Valkyrie, Tern, Sidewinder, or Teebird. Some other fun discs that come in really light weights to try and bomb are Boss, Destroyer, Ape, Wraith, and more. The worlds longest drive was thrown with a sub 150g Boss.

Latitude 64 offers one of the best and most popular lightweight lineups in disc golf. Sapphire, Jade, and Diamond in the 156-159g range are super popular. The Diamond continues to be one of the most in demand drivers, but Latitude has been doing an amazing job of providing loads more of their molds in their beautiful Air plastic which can dip below 150g. Newer and young players will love discs like the Pearl and the Ruby; really easy to throw lightweight mids and putters with cool Panda and Tiger logo art. Some of the awesome molds we’ve been getting in Air plastic include River, Maul, Pure, Fuse, Bolt, Ballista Pro, and a bunch of cool Westside molds like Sword and Underworld.

Lonestar Discs has a huge lineup of new molds, and nearly all of them are offered in their lightweight Lima plastic. There are definitely some amazing flyers in their lineup, and Lima plastic offers that soft, grippy feel that many players love. Most Lima plastic hovers in the 150-160g range.

I believe, for some time lightweight Discraft discs have been a bit of a rarity. Most recently we’ve been able to acquire some of their most popular molds like the Hades, Sol, Passion, Undertaker, Heat, and more in some lighter weights. Ledgestone has provided us with a few molds in a beautiful ESP lite plastic, and Discraft has done a new run of Z-lite! Popular molds like the Heat, Scorch, Thrasher, Crank, Force, Venom and more in a beautiful, durable, stiff, domey lightweight plastic. Most range 150-160g.

MVP/Axiom/Streamline has been doing a great job at providing both understable easy to throw discs, and high-speed bombers in a great selection of weights. Low 150g MVP Signal continues to be wildly popular, along with lightweight Crave, Relay, Virus, Impulse, Wave, Rhythm, Servo, Vanish, Ascend, Drift and more. And no discussion of lightweight MVP is complete without the best-selling Glitch. Not quite frisbee, not quite golf disc: The glitch is a glidey thing of beauty. Beginners to Advanced, the Glitch can be an easy to throw disc both on the course, practicing, and playing catch.

Prodigy has been listening to it’s fanbase too. More fun discs like the D6 can be found in Air plastic, and some of the new Spectrum Air plastic is the prettiest and nicest feeling Prodigy product to date.

So here's to everyone throwing better and further! Watch out for the wind!


Jeff @ True North Disc Golf